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Risk Management News Updates, January 5th 2011
Date: Jan 05, 2011   |   Author: Aditya Puri | News Updates
This week's risk management news includes the FSS' request to local banks concerning liability maturities, EU's new financial supervisory bodies, and Switzerland's proposed new banking regulation for big banks
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Basel III and the big trade tailspin
Date: Jan 05, 2011   |   Author: | Opinion
New measures on trade finance are also believed to have a serious effect on global trade. Karen Fawcett, head of transaction banking at Standard Chartered Bank, told a panel at Sibos that “we could see a 2% fall in global trade and a 0.5% fall in global GDP.” This mainly comes from the higher cost of doing trade finance which will arise with changes to the credit conversion factor, when banks will have to account for 100% of their trade assets on their balance sheets as opposed to 20% in the past. According to John Ahearn, the head of trade finance at Citi, pricing for trade finance will go up 40% to 60%.
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Video: Nick Minogue on aligning liquidity risk management and profitability
Date: Jan 05, 2011   |   Author: Aditya Puri | Opinion
Minogue ran the risk management team at Macquarie for over a decade in a 16-year career with the bank and took a break form the role in 2009. He was a speaker and a moderator at The Risk and Regulation Conference 2010,an integral part of the Asian Banker Summit each year, of which The Risk and Regulation Working Group (RWG) is an online extension. Minogue also sits on the advisory board of the RWG.
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Risk Management News Updates, December 22nd 2010
Date: Dec 22, 2010   |   Author: Aditya Puri | News Updates
This week's risk management news includes IMF's new risk management panel, FSA's revised pay guidelines, Korea's new stability levy, and Nomura's new vice chairman for risk
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Risk management the biggest challenge for India’s banks, RBI’s Thorat says
Date: Dec 21, 2010   |   Author: Aditya Puri | Interviews
Usha Thorat,former deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India,who relinquished her term recently, spoke to us about the risk management challenges facing Indian banks today.

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