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US-China trade war highlights shifting global terrain for financial services
Date: Dec 05, 2019   |   Author: Ellen Hardy | Feature
The US-China trade war may be inching towards a ceasefire, but the ramifications of this economic battle will continue to be felt around the world. As retaliatory restrictions have seen escalating horizontal affects, we take a look at how the war has impacted financial services now and into the future
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China shifts distribution of wealth upwards across Asia Pacific
Date: Dec 04, 2019   |   Author: Chris Georgiou | Research Note
China is changing the distribution of wealth across the region and rapidly developing its wealth management industry which is dominated by mega banks and trust companies
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Dubai Islamic Bank’s Chilwan: “We need to fortify Islamic banking in the Philippines to create opportunities”
Date: Dec 03, 2019   |   Author: Ashley Lucas | News Update
Adnan Chilwan, the Group CEO of Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB), looks into the potentials of Islamic banking in the country to see how DIB can effectively tap into the local market, as the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas promotes Shari’ah-compliant banking and finance in the Philippines
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What will become of RMB once it goes digital?
Date: Nov 29, 2019   |   Author: David Smith | Opinion
The Chinese government's plan to develop a state backed blockchain-based digital currency could present numerous advantages especially in terms of data management, and security
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Branch decline continues across markets in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa
Date: Nov 28, 2019   |   Author: Chris Kapfer | Research Note
The decline of bank branches in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa region highlights the increasing demand and adoption of digital banking.
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Singapore Minister of Education's Ong: "Develop green finance for a sustainable world"
Date: Nov 25, 2019   |   Author: Ong Ye Kung | Speech
Ong Ye Kung, minister for education and MAS board member, highlights the need to leverage technology and promote green finance to improve resiliency, create more opportunities, and manage global risk.

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