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Triparty collateral optimisation will ease global investors’ entry into China’s stock markets
Date: Jul 31, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Interviews
As China’s markets become increasingly open to global investors through Hong Kong Stock Connect schemes, BNY Mellon expects to see more opportunities for institutional investors to be more active in collateral transformation and supply
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Date: Jul 18, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Commissioned Report
亚洲银行家与中国建设银行携手推出《“一带一路”助力人民币国际化——2018年人民币国际化报告》 。此次,亚洲银行家对230家境内企业、116家境外企业和52家金融机构进行了调研,通过问卷调查、访谈等方法,评估、反映了人民币在全球范围内跨境贸易和金融活动中的变化与活跃程度。
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Renminbi Internationalisation Report 2018: Optimism Towards Belt and Road Raises Cross-Border Use of RMB
Date: Jul 06, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Commissioned Report
The Asian Banker and China Construction Bank, launched the global Renminbi (RMB) Internationalisation Report 2018, which is based on a survey of 346 companies (230 in China and 116 overseas) and 52 financial institutions to evaluate the progress in RMB usage and development of cross-border RMB denominated products and businesses.
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Mynt’s Thomas receives The Innovation Leadership Achievement in the Philippines Award for 2018
Date: May 25, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Editorial
Anthony Thomas, chief executive officer, Mynt, was recognised for his leading the company in accelerating affordable and sustainable financial inclusion in the country, enabled by innovative features and emerging technology.
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KakaoBank’s Yun receives The Innovation Leadership Achievement in South Korea Award for 2018
Date: May 25, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Editorial
Hoyoung Yun, chief executive officer, KakaoBank, established the first digital bank in South Korea, which achieved a strong growth of five million customers within six months, backed by innovative services.
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CIMB Group’s Thomas receives The Asian Banker Risk Management Leadership Achievement in Asia Pacific 2018 award
Date: May 24, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Editorial
David Richard Thomas, group chief risk officer, CIMB Group, was recognised for leading the bank’s successful risk management efforts
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Hang Seng Bank’s Wong receives The Asian Banker Transaction Banker of the Year in Asia Pacific (Domestic Bank) Award for 2018
Date: May 24, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Editorial
John Wong, head of global liquidity and cash management, Hang SengBank, has a proven track record in delivering strong and sustainable business results, driving the growth in the bank’s transaction banking business.
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Deutsche Bank’s So receives the Transaction Banker of the Year Award in Asia Pacific (International Bank) at The Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Awards 2018
Date: May 24, 2018   |   Author: The Asian Banker | Editorial
Under Nancy So’s leadership, the bank has successfully positioned itself as a one-stop shop for corporate cash management solutions in Asia. Despite personal circumstances at the bank, she has driven the cash business in times of extreme uncertainty.

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