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Risk Management News Updates, February 16th 2011

This week's risk management news includes EBA's plan for a single set of rules, ISDA's new CSA agreement, and US bank's requests to the Fed regarding stress stress tests

February 16, 2011 | Aditya Puri


EBA to implement standardised guidelines for all banks
London-based European Banking Authority (EBA), the EU’s new banking regulator, is planning to implement standardised guidelines for all banks to curb regulatory competition between countries. EBA, which replaces the Committee of European Banking Supervisors, has the authority to endorse criteria that are binding on European Union states.

ISDA working group proposes new CSA agreement
The International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) working group has proposed a new credit support annex (CSA) agreement that standardises the type of collateral that can be used in bilateral over-the counter derivatives. The CSA, which is believed to be proposed by ISDA member Goldman Sachs, would also help clear doubts over the pricing of multi-currency CSA trades.

US banks request the Fed to reveal criteria for stress tests, limit disclosure of results
US banks that are members of the Federal Advisory Council have requested the Federal Reserve Board (the Fed) to be more transparent by publicly revealing the criteria of stress tests. The council has also asked the Fed to only publish a general summary of the stress test results and to let individual companies decide on the disclosures.

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