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Risk Management News Updates, January 5th 2011

This week's risk management news includes the FSS' request to local banks concerning liability maturities, EU's new financial supervisory bodies, and Switzerland's proposed new banking regulation for big banks

January 05, 2011 | Aditya Puri


South Korea’s FSS asks banks to space out liability maturities
South Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service has requested local banks to space out their liability maturities to prevent possible systemic risks. The financial regulator noted that banks’ liabilities such as deposits tend to mature more in the fourth quarter and this may interfere with their ability to cope with a financial shock during this time.
Click here for the link to the FSS website.

EU unveils new financial supervisory bodies
The European Union (EU) has unveiled four new financial supervisory bodies to help identify and solve issues related to the financial industry. The European Systemic Risk Board will be responsible for informing and advising EU countries of regulatory and potential financial threats. Three other bodies, namely the European Banking Authority, the European Insurance, Occupational Pensions Authority, and the European Securities and Markets Authority will have a role in determining financial parameters, financial arbitration and banning or curbing trade in financial products.

Swiss central bank says proposed regulation will help lower risk
Switzerland’s proposed too-big-too-fail bill which seeks to overhaul the financial system will help lower risk during a financial crisis according to Thomas Jordan, vice president and governing board member of Swiss National Bank. The country’s government on December 22nd submitted a bill on regulation of the country’s big banks for comment, based on an experts’ group proposal, by the country’s parties, cantons and industry groups.

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