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Banking will change after COVID-19: Four new standards to meet

The founder of The Asian Banker, Emmanuel Daniel, outlined new criteria by which the banking industry will be assessed after the pandemic, including being able to help rebuild society in a sustainable manner.

May 06, 2020 | The Asian Banker
  • Banking as an industry has become more dependent on the society it serves
  • Changes in the sector warrant new standards in assessing the financial services industry
  • There will be tension from traditional players regarding the transformation that must take place

Here is the transcript:

What if the pandemic that is raging around the world right now ends suddenly? Most of us will go back to the work and the life that we are familiar with, the people we are familiar with, the jobs that we’d been doing before the crisis. We might even forget some of the things that we’ve been learning in the last few months.

But life is not ever going to be the same again. Just as from the days of the bubonic plague in the 14th century, this pandemic is going to result in entire societies being transformed in the years ahead.  

My name is Emmanuel Daniel. I’m the founder of The Asian Banker. 

Since 1996, we’ve been in the business of evaluating the financial services industry. We take stock of how they’re run as businesses and how they’re responding to the challenges facing the industry. 

Every year at about this time in April, we run rankings and we publish our rankings in our website in a very transparent manner that takes a look as to which institutions are being competitive and being responsive to their customers’ needs. 


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Risk and Regulation

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