Risk and Regulation Working Group Monday, 02 August 2021

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Global exchanges ramp up efforts for a sustainable recovery

The World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), a global industry group for central counterparties (CCPs) and exchanges, recently published its 7th annual sustainability survey. The survey takes into account the nature and extent of ESG involvement…

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Ping An Bank’s ascendency marks tectonic shift in retail banking as it leads…

In 2020, Ping An Bank outperformed its domestic and regional retail banking peers not only in its business growth but also its technology capabilities and innovations.

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Mox and ZA Bank lead Hong Kong’s virtual bank race

A year after Hong Kong issued eight digital banking licences, Mox and ZA Bank have emerged as the early leaders. Together with WeLab, the three banks account for 86% of all virtual banking deposit in Hong Kong.

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Concentration of cloud providers raises financial stability risks

The use of cloud technology is gaining traction among financial institutions due to the efficiency, scale and saving that it affords. Regulators however caution that cloud concentration risks could jeopardise financial stability.

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R3’s Ghosh: “Asia Pacific countries lead the charge towards CBDCs”

Increased adoption and access to CBDCs is the next step for central banks to push greater use of digital payments. This is an opportunity which countries in Asia Pacific are looking to tap by establishing the necessary governance frameworks.

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DiDi’s $4.4 bn listing largest Chinese IPO in US since 2014 as regulation tightens

In June 2021, Chinese ride hailing giant Didi and digital freight platform Full Truck Alliance made their debuts in the US amid the volatile initial public offering (IPO) environment.

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BNM receives 29 applications for digital banking licences

Bank Negara Malaysia has announced that it will issue five digital banking licences by next year. So far, BNM has received 29 applications.

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Top ten companies with most bitcoin hold over 204,000 in total

Some companies have acquired cryptocurrencies for their corporate treasuries despite the volatility. MicroStrategy, the public company that holds the most bitcoin on the balance sheet, remains bullish on bitcoin.


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