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Risk and Regulation Working Group Wednesday, 21 February 2024

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US banks confront challenges in shifting commercial real estate dynamics

As commercial property prices decline due to a pandemic-induced decrease in office space demand, US banks are boosting provisions for credit losses, prompting concern from the IMF over an 11% property-value drop following Fed rate hikes…

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Standard Chartered Hong Kong enhances digital transformation in wealth management

With a focus on enhancing its digital platform for affluent clients, Standard Chartered Hong Kong has affirmed its position as a leader in the wealth management sector in key Asian markets, including GBA and Southeast Asia

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Evergrande liquidation forces ripple effect on China’s property sector

In late January, troubled real estate giant Evergrande was liquidated, unable to reach agreements with creditors over its staggering debts exceeding $300 billion, and casting a pall over China’s property sector

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SVB collapse sets off underwriting-risk alarm

Silicon Valley Bank’s 2023 collapse continues to raise concerns in the echo chambers of the banking sector over slack lending practices and underwriting oversight, prompting a reevaluation of risk management strategies around macroeconomic…

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AI and big data-based apps provide strong potential to drive hyper-personalisation

The banking industry is using AI and data strategies to meet customer preferences, focusing on digital culture, secure operations, and partnerships to overcome challenges and cultivate customer-centricity

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Banks will have to navigate new horizons in a changing world in 2024

The global banking industry faces a unique confluence of challenges and opportunities, shaped by evolving economic landscapes, technological innovations, and a pressing need for sustainable practices

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Global financial institutions propel blockchain innovation under Project Guardian

Banks aim to integrate blockchain into mainstream finance for digital assets, emphasising institutional-grade standards, interoperability, and collaboration

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In memory of Wee Cho Yaw, chairman emeritus of UOB—embodied honour, enterprise,…

Wee, the respected honorary adviser of renowned Asian institution, United Overseas Bank, passed away at age 95 after a remarkable life in the industry spotlight spanning over five decades


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