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Risk and Regulation Working Group Tuesday, 5 December 2023

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90% of BIS surveyed central banks started on CBDC

According to a survey conducted by BIS, the share of central banks actively engaged in some form of CBDC work grew to 90%, with many showing enthusiasm for retail CBDCs.

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Adjustment to SORA strengthens Singapore’s position in APAC

The discontinuation of the London Interbank Offered Rate caused major changes in the international financial markets forcing participants and supervisory authorities to jointly consider alternative resolutions.

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Value of top 20 cryptocurrencies plunged 60% in July 2022

More than a third of the 31,000 cryptocurrencies have disappeared from marketplaces, with many more recording large losses in valuation, despite the increase in interest and use by the general public, as well as regulations that are slowly…

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Continued innovation in DeFi and CeFi underpins future of cryptos

The continuous expansion of the crypto market and the innovations it promises have been closely watched by the financial services industry, particularly by regulators. While it continues to face an uncertain, future. several factors, including…

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Will stock markets see a historic crash or unprecedented rally in 2022?

Numerous governments and central banks have launched series of fiscal and monetary policies to stimulate the economy while launching various health and security measures to contain COVID-19 and prevent potential casualties and deaths. But…

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Lawmakers address energy consumption of crypto mining

Governments and regulators worldwide are taking measures to address the negative environmental impact of Bitcoin mining.

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DeFi risks and hacks on the rise

2021 marked two trends in the crypto sector: the massive explosion of crypto-assets and the multitude of hacker attacks that led to significant risks.

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Digital asset outlook 2022: Will the momentum continue?

The total capitalisation of digital assets surged three-fold in 2021, with strong evidence that the momentum is likely to continue into the new year. DeFi users are expected to continue their exponential growth over the next 12 months,…


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