Risk and Regulation Working Group Monday, 02 August 2021

Articles and opinions by Ellen Hardy

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Corporate and transaction bankers turn to digitisation and sustainability to…

Amid the challenging pandemic environment that has dampened business volumes, depressed margins and elevated credit costs, corporate and transaction bankers are focused on rolling out a range of digitisation and sustainability-related initiatives…

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Big tech disruptors find dividends of financial services come at a price

Tech giants, which make up some of the world’s largest companies, are muscling into traditional banking spaces. But whether they want to crush the traditional finance players or enable them, they are learning across the globe that disrupting…

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The battle for cross-border payments is set to reshape financial services

Instant cross-border settlements are opening up the market for new players to innovate. With diverse ideas in the payments sector, those looking to collaborate — and not necessarily within the banking sphere — will come out on top.

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Are central banks issuing digital banking licences to counter the threat of…

Technology has enabled the world of finance to innovate and diversify rapidly in recent years — and regulators have struggled to keep pace until now

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The race for ideas to integrate AI into financial services

By 2022, banks will be spending as much as $12.3 billion on AI and cognitive technologies with the race underway to integrate the latest capabilities into financial services

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Nonprofit organisations receive increased support through online giving

The market for charitable giving is evolving like other forms of commerce and establishing a firm digital presence

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US-China trade war highlights shifting global terrain for financial services

The US-China trade war may be inching towards a ceasefire, but the ramifications of this economic battle will continue to be felt around the world. As retaliatory restrictions have seen escalating horizontal affects, we take a look at how…


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