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Articles and opinions by Emmanuel Daniel

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Garage Ventures' Reichert: "Aggregated numbers on VC investments wildly misleading"
Date: Jul 29, 2020   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Interview
Bill Reichert, managing director and co-founder of Garage Technology Ventures discusses the evolution of venture capitalism and how COVID-19 has impacted long-term investment so far
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Jio Payment Bank’s Srikrishnan: “Our consolidated strategy is convergence of telecom, retail and financial services”
Date: Mar 04, 2020   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Interview
H. Srikrishnan, CEO and MD of Jio Payments Bank, reveals the bank’s strategy, planned initiatives and how the bank is building a viable operating model riding on the existing ecosystem of its parent company, Reliance Group
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Bank of Qingdao’s Guo: Corporate governance plays a vital role in banks’ development
Date: Feb 19, 2020   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Interview
Guo Shaoquan, chairman of Bank of Qingdao, speaks about the importance of corporate governance in banks, the local economy and development in rural areas in Shandong, China.
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KEB Hana Bank’s Ji: “Globalisation and digitalisation strategies will be embedded in all our businesses”
Date: Sep 22, 2019   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Interview
Ji Sung Kyu, CEO of KEB Hana Bank, is committed to go global and digital. He shared the bank’s main strategies and discussed the global loyalty network service, one of the bank’s current strengths. He also talked about partnership with fintech companies and other banks as well as intention to cost-cut domestically and enlarge customer base globally.
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“PeopleFund’s Kim: “We disrupted Korea’s lending market from within”
Date: Aug 02, 2019   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Interview
Joey Kim, founder and CEO of PeopleFund, reveals South Korea’s current lending market and how they disrupted the status quo with their unique business model
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Ping An Bank’s Xie: “Those who focus on technologies will be the winners”
Date: Jul 24, 2019   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Interview
Ping An Bank chairman Xie Yonglin talked about the bank’s transformation journey into a leading retail financial services provider, the evolution of the bancassurance business model and his key career milestones and aspirations during his interview with The Asian Banker chairman Emmanuel Daniel
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"Apple's new credit card is just an incremental change that reinforces the dominance of banks in the digital finance space"
Date: Apr 01, 2019   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Opinion
Apple's new digital credit card, launched with Goldman Sachs, only buys the Western players a little more time in democratising payments and catching up with the Chinese players who have already surged ahead with truly innovative technologies.
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People’s Bank’s Gunawardana: “Digitalisation is imperative to survive in the next century”
Date: Feb 21, 2019   |   Author: Emmanuel Daniel | Interview
Rasitha Gunawardana, chief executive officer and general manager of People’s Bank, summarises the decade-long process of technologically upgrading the largest state-owned bank in Sri Lanka. He also talks about the risks and challenges encountered along the way how the institution’s evolution coincided with his own journey to the top of the career ladder.

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