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Risk and Regulation Working Group Tuesday, 5 December 2023

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Industry adopts holistic risk management and zero-trust as cyber threats escalate

Even as regulators become more stringent, the financial industry continues to grapple with cyber attacks and fraud, according to experts who shared their strategies in a TABInsights survey

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Fintech funding plunges as investors tighten purse strings

Investors’ risk appetite and fondness for fintechs have cooled, leading to a 42% drop in global funding and 57% drop in APAC funding in the first half of this year

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Mox’s product expansion and technology initiatives increase customer base

David Walker, chief data, security and innovation officer at Mox, shared strategic product and technology developments for growth that may see profit by 2024

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Banks must embrace emerging developments in conversational AI to elevate customer…

Banks have implemented chatbots for operational efficiency and improved customer access, but new AI capabilities expose key gaps in contextual and cognitive capabilities of current bots

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AI adoption continues at pace with evolution of infrastructure

While some banks have increased the use of AI in personalising services, marketing and risk management, legacy systems struggle to leverage and scale it effectively, and financial institutions must rethink technology frameworks to move…

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The metaverse race accelerates

Several organisations have jumped on the metaverse bandwagon with alacrity, investing in technology and digital assets to gain from its potential, but developments are still highly experimental and hindered by complexities.

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Cloud adoption accelerates among banks with unique strategies

The financial services industry is undergoing a massive shift to cloud, but the challenging technology transition for incumbents requires a strategic rethink of architecture, data, people and processes.

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Industry experts agree rethinking technology is key to transformative disruption…

Industry experts from technology companies highlight the rapidly evolving customer needs, business models and payment landscape that force institutions to strategically rethink their technology for transformative disruption


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